vivre d'amour et d'eau gazeuse, or: 2 failures

It took me some time to write this one because I was trying to find something substantial to say about the VETEMENTS show this past Sunday. I failed, but: a) WHAT A SHOW, what a brand; b) here is one point that I find important: Demna Gvasalia is a refugee. This is not something that gained attention as his Georgian roots, but I do think it is as an essential part of the story, as much as - and maybe in an even more urgent manner than - Yves Saint Laurent's Algerian childhood. Gvasalia waited for his dad to save him by helicopter from the Caucasus Mountains as a ten year old boy, with him and his family fleeing to Ukraine, then Russia, in order to finally settle down in Germany. This boy, along with his atelier of comrade refugees, is ruling Paris now.

No matter how I try, I can't get the pronunciation. I tell the waiter: eau GAZOZ, I go with O gazeuse, I try a little bit of EOO GAZUEOEOUZ, yet nothing sticks. I give up. SPARKLING WATER PLEASE.