Last night I've been watching the Brexit Club - not just because the name is a John Hughes-ean homage, but also because Julian Assange was broadcasting live throughout the night from the Ecuador embassy. I did not watch the whole 7+ hours, but for the most part it entailed a weird and lovely vibe, sort of a Sesame Street special where the more rebellious characters get to chant. Also the embassy cat is a star in the making. Also Europe became an even more important word. ⌖
Over the past week I've been listening to Justin Bieber's Company. This song does certainly not soar to the heights of the three supernovas from Purpose, but the video is interesting. First of all, it's a hideous video, and in its terribleness, it respects the tune. Lets it live. It is a very "personal" video, and by "personal" I mean to what Instagram educated us to think is personal. Also this video proves something I always thought to be true: for real pop stars to exist, there has to be a tiny, close to zero element, that cannot be wiped out, and that is because it is really and truly, hmmm, personal. The kids today will call it authentic. N'importe quoi. It's the slightest ingredient which cannot be reproduced. I'm not talking about a Bejaministic halo, at least I don't think I am as that is a concept I don't yet understand; but this ingredient is incredibly materialistic, and for Bieber it's the very small, very precise movement he can make with his shoulders. This is a killer app and I will try in the near future to talk more about this crucial subject. Also I will say that I cherish Bieber for inserting into the billionaires club - and by this I mean the youtube list of videos which surpassed the billion views count - one great song in the midst of real concentrated merde.

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For the past two weeks I've been reading Hemingway's A Moveable Feast. My friend has recommended it and for that I thank her - I really hold dear well thought recommendations, almost as much as presents. This is a creation I will come back to, but something worth scribing here for now is the short dialogue with Ezra Pound after Hem is telling him about his newfound love of Russian literature.

'Keep to the French', Ezra said. 'You've plenty to learn there'.