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Buffy The Vampire Slayer, season 2 finale, Becoming, May 1998
— A Swedish mapmaker finds a treasure from the Bronze Age: the guy emailed an archaeologist about the discovery while pausing for a coffee break in the forest. Researchers from the nearby University of Gothenburg came to check it out and revealed a trove of about 80 rare artefacts, dated to between 750 and 500 B.C. Many of the items are identified as jewlery that would have adorned a high-status woman more than two millennia ago: an intricate spiral-shaped buckle, necklaces and more. “Not since the bronze shields from Fröslunda were excavated (…) in the mid-1980s has such an exciting find from the Bronze Age been made in Sweden.” Smithsonian magazine, May 2021
— Carlin Brown from What Else Is A Window, a solo exhibition at Melanie Flood Projects, May 2017