What is VACANCES, if not a one big - huge - FUCK YOU to all things capitalism.

People were actually, vraiment, gone from the city. All profits that were to be made out of selling, catering, continuing, were zeroed down into a blank annulment. I could not have imagined it, not as intensively at least. Never before have I known of this specific concept, neither its counterpart - La Rentrée. I welcomed the returning crowds with blushed cheeks. Some might call it September First, but it is so much more. It's about people coming, going, coming back. It's a communal experience that is utterly secular. It is a season made up not by nature, but by humans.

Conte d'été was the first Rohmer film I watched as an adult. First, I was blown away by the style: the t-shirts, the relaxed pants, the sweatshirts ~ elevated Normcore that is completely unduplicatable. Then, came everything else.

Now that the song of summer is quietly wrapping itself up, preparing for its big sleep, the sound should be that of a tender disco whistle. The smell in the air, salty somehow, salty and serene. And the color is sweet Lilac.