Where power self-constructs and dissipates as the Biebers' Rolls Royce drives by

Albrecht Köhler chronicles the becoming of a Gigafactory. Giga Berlin is one of Tesla’s ginormous earth-galaxies, Elon Musk’s take on monotowns. There are four of them in the US and one in China. This is why the place is also known as Gigafactory Europe.

In Köhler’s photographs we peek into the future in a bizarre manner, shameful and pleasurable. Like Lindsay Lohan surrounded by flashing lights as she exits the limo, spreading her thighs apart, the guts of the machine are documented in a vulnerable in-between state. Watching the nascency of power is not the same as observing power in its completed state, already self-deserving.

Here is the full giga-album and this is the more narrative-driven twitter account.

In not-so-other news:

— Albrecht Köhler @ Gigafactory Europe
— Missy Elliott on the 1997 set of Sock It 2 Me, directed by Hype Williams, styled by June Ambrose
— The Biebers’ custom-made Rolls Royce, out for sushi on Thursday in West Hollywood
— Selma Blair kissing a cardboard cutout of Sarah-Michelle Geller and recreating that moment, yesterday in L.A
— Mungo Thomson, Snowman, 2020 [painted bronze]
— Following a sensational week, a Basquiat collage sensationally deflected by water damage
— Albrecht Köhler @ Gigafactory Europe