Where ancient and not so ancient technologies assist all kinds of take-out

— From Rod Stewart’s Baby Jane, 1983 (luckily this masterpiece of a song was treated with a truly great, what-the-hell video. I just found out that it was made by the guy who directed Billie Jean)
— Nagi Sakai for Love Want, issue #22
Jones in the Fast Lane floppy disk
French Exit, 2020 and UHF, 1989
An Egyptian stele, circa 1st century B.C.-A.D. 4th century: a king makes an offering to Anubis, who’s wearing the double crown, and to goddess Isis [Met collection]
— Ben Wolf Noam, Malibu Memory, 2021
— A Frenchette pastry in Rockefeller Center, jen_in_nyc_
The Brioche, Edward Manet, 1870 [Met collection]
— 17 year-old Judith Polgár at the Linares 1994 tournament, “noted for an incident in which Garry Kasparov ‘took a move back’ against Judit Polgár. Kasparov's fingers briefly released a knight before he realized the move was a blunder; he then moved the knight to a different square. Polgár did not protest and the arbiter did not intervene. Kasparov went on to win the game”
— Hailey Bieber, spring 2021
Celine Bag, Sylvie Fleury, 2017 [bronze and palladium foils]
— Frichti, always there when you need it