vogue paris apartment videos (2,3,4/4)

Well. Well well well. Deciding to ignite a publications series in February of the year 2020, commencing with “Until the End of the World”, followed by a focus on girls cooped up in their apartments - I mean, this zeitgeist thing is a doozy. I had no idea.

I had a few things to say about the ‘Une Fille, Un Style’ videos. Their ASMR quality. The hilarious façon in which each fille and what she seems to grasp as her combative, individualistic, sense of style - and therefore sense of self - somehow ends up creating a perfectly repetitive clone of the video that came before her. The earnest façon in which French girls talk about fashion in terms of textures, creating a fast-track back to good old materialism, thus, to reality, freeing themselves from a futile Instagram-style echo chamber.

Anyway - all these things, now that we’re getting such an overdose of home space closeups, do not seem that interesting. And the four-publications-per-week structure I was thinking about also seems bizarre, considering the fact that days and weeks now fuse and melt into a different kind of time sensation.

So, ditching aside contrived takes and dispensable structures, here’s a peek to the purest tumblr post ever published.